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Prime's success is a result of commitment to the highest standards in product quality, innovative technology and extraordinary customer service. The product-range is so vast that it meets the requirement of every business BARCODE PRINTERS IS Hardware Device or machines for Printing the Barcode Stickers & Barcode Labels or RFID Tags.Once Printing the Barcode Stickers will Past on Devices of Physical Products.After Pasting the Barcode Stickers on Product in warehouse,supermarket,jewellery,Garment shop they will be ship to Retail stores.After that Receiving the Barcoded Product which will be fix in the racks for easy access.Most of the retailers use in INDIA,HYDERABAD,VIZAG,VIJAYWADA location.Using Barcode Printer you can Print DIRECT THERMAL LABELS & THERMAL TRASFER LABELS. Depending on the Industry you can choose the Barcode Printers like Entry Level and Low cost Printers for less usage. For heavy Industries you can use Heavy Duty Barcode Printers. These Heavy Duty Barcode Printers use mostly for Warehouses, Industries. With This Barcode Printers you can print huge printing. PRIME BACODE SOLUTIONS is best leading company for Providing top barcode printers for supermarkets,Jewellary,garments,Labrary,colleges,dry clanics,warehouse management services. Prime Barcode Printers are Dealers and Manufactures of ZEBRA,RING,INTERMEC,TSC,TVS,CITIZEN,SATO Barcode Printers. We provide barcode machines and stickers for printing labels for medical stores also. We are the one of the best Dealers and top Dealers for supplying the barcode printers in hyderabad,india,vishakapatnam,vizag,vijaywada location with best solutions with less price with affordable prices.

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BARCODE LABEL PRINTERS always work on DPI Like 203 dpi Barcode Printers and 300dpi Barcode Generators. These barcode Printers supplies huge Barcode Stickers per day. Few of BEST BARCODE PRINTERS MANUFACTURES BRANDS with 203 DPI 1.Zebra Barcode Printers 2. RING Barcode Printers 3.INTERMEC Barcode Priners 4. Tvs barcode Printers 5. Tsc barcode Printers. BARCODE PRINTER PRINTING THE LABELS WITH LATEST TECHNOLOGY Barcode printer or Barcode Generator very much helpful for all the business for printing the Barcode Labels with all the necessary company details. Generally any industries when they purchase any new product you need to create the GRN for products. Once you have done the GRN system will ask for generating the Barcode using Barcode Printers. Technically speaking Barcode printer is connected with Inventory System where you can generate the Barcode with the help of Barcode Printing application. For Printing the Barcode you need to initially confirm which size of Barcode Labels need to use.Generally Barcode Printers size in width 100mm where you can design the Barcode Stickers with max size and In Barcode Printers there is no limit of Height of the Stickers or labels. Depending the of the industry you can use the Barcode Stickers for ex: If you have want to Use Barcode Printer in SUPERMARKET,RETAIL,GARMENT industries with the barcode application generally in this industries require to keep lot of information about the product on the Barcode Labels so they will go with 50X25.Again you can select how many stickers can printer through barcode Generator. Like 2up,3up Barcode Stickers. In India Barcode Printers use most of the Retail Outlets and you can find More industrial Areas like Vishakapatnam,Vizag,Hyderabad has lot Factories where they can Use Barcode Printers.Even Any supplier of products and Any Manufactures need to keep the Barcode labels on there finished Products with the support of Barcode Lable Printers.Barcode Machine is very easy for operating in there retails outlets and Garment warehouse Industry.Barcode Printing quality is difference Depend on the size of the label and Depending on the industry.Barcode Printers can Printer QR code and 2D barcode label Printing. QR Code and 2D sticker can printer through Barcode label Printers which can help to application for