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Thermal printer or Direct Thermal Printers is Digital Printing - It means printed the image by heating coasted thermal/thermochromic Paper. When thermal Paper passes through Printer Head on the thermal paper impression will print. Thermal Printers are used mostly in Retail, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Coffee-shop, Quick Service, Token issues…. Etc, for issuing the Bill. Thermal Printer Technology one of the latest Technology proud in the market which makes printing very fast and high reliability. Most of the Business Thermal Printer pays lead roles for addressing the Billing Challenges. For Example - In India Retail Supermarkets & Restaurants Segment places Major rolls - Customer always hurry to settle his product bill most of they people want very quick billing which can happened only with Thermal Printers. Thermal Printers are very fast Printing Technology which can generate the Bill in seconds.few of thermal Printer Advantages listed below.

CONNECTIVITY: Thermal Printers we can connect with multiple ways to systems.i.e., USB, LAN, WIFI, Bluetooth. We do have Compatible with Different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Android, IOS with supporting JPOS/OPOS and Supporting SDK’S for Android Devices. Thermal receipt Printers has different in size printers like 2” Thermal Receipt Billing Printers, 3” Thermal Receipt Printers, 4” Thermal Receipt Printers with multiple connecting options.

THERMAL PRINTERS - PRIME Barcode Solutions always stand on providing the world best thermal printers with affordable Price. When comes the Best Thermal Receipt Billing Printers we deal with EPSON, POSIFLEX, RUGTEK…PRIME BARCODE SOLUTIONS is Authorized Partners for Sale & support for this Thermal billing Receipt Printers.

Thermal Printer Advantages:

  • 1. Best Quality of Printing.
  • 2. Easy to Place the Thermal Rolls
  • 3. Low noise
  • 4. High print Speed.
  • 5. Very Low Maintenance Cost.